Affiliate Policy

Affiliate policy
In order to be as transparent as possible with the users of our website, I wanted to publish this page to be 100% transparent with my readers so that you know how this website manages to survive by remaining completely free.

how does Linksadder generate revenue?
In my opinion, building a relationship of trust with a client, partner, friend or family, it takes honesty and transparency. Do not be afraid to put the cards on the table, because it is by showing our human vulnerability that we create connections and build relationships. That’s why I wanted to share with you how our website generates income.

In fact, the sources of income come entirely from affiliate marketing and Advertisements displayed on the site. With the exception of a sponsored article and a banner which remained on the site for 1 month. So what is affiliate marketing? It’s very simple: we recommend a service or product on Linksadder website or Blog. If the user buys this one through one of my links, I get a percentage of that sale.

The most important thing to share with you is the fact that I only recommend products and services that I have tested myself and whose quality I have proven. I always share my own opinion with you and I learn as much as possible about all the technical aspects of these said products.


Benefits of using my affiliate links
The advantages for you of using my affiliate links are that:

  1. You know that the product or service recommended has been tested by a web expert with more than 11 years of experience.
  2. That you will most likely be entitled to a special discount from the company since I always negotiate the best prices for you if you use one of my links. Like a promo code!
  3. You will directly encourage and contribute to Linksadder, as it then allows me to have the time and resources to create new quality articles and content.

I hope this page has helped you understand our business model and answered your questions.

Hope you have a pleasant time using our website!