When you start a web project with a website, you must necessarily ask yourself about hosting because it is the place where your site will be stored.

Indeed, hosting has a key role in the creation, maintenance, and development of your website because it is thanks to it that Internet users will be able to see your content online and ensure that it is available to everyone.

However, many solutions are available on the market and are different in several aspects such as after-sales service, price, and performance.

In addition, depending on your project, some solutions will be more suitable because they offer specific functionalities that will allow you to maintain your efficient and secure website.

Whether you are a blogger, e-merchant, or other, you must choose your hosting wisely!

We will see through this article, the following points:

  • What are the technical specificities of web hosting?
  • How to select a suitable hosting for your project?
  • What are the technical specificities of web hosting?

To choose a good web hosting, you must first understand the technical specificities. The aspects you should focus on above all are performance, reliability, and security.


The technical performance of the server

Storage and RAM memory

This technical aspect is one of the most important because it is what will determine the loading time of your pages.

Data storage on a server works like the data storage you have on your pc.

Indeed, you have different types of hard drives, such as HDD or SSD, each having its competitive advantage.

In the case of SSD, it is a hard disk offering higher data processing speed than HDD and better reliability.

In the case of the HDD, it is a hard disk offering above all a much larger data storage capacity.

In addition, the RAM memory of a server, just like the one you have on your computer, makes it possible to process the data that is stored more or less quickly.


Bandwidth and data transfer

Bandwidth is also a very important criterion because it determines the stability of your site during peak visits.

Indeed, the more bandwidth you are granted, the greater the amount of data allowed to be transferred between the server and your website.

This results in the loading time of the pages of your site when many Internet users consult your site at the same time.


Server reliability

You must take this aspect into account because a server that fails can have economic repercussions and reflect a bad image of your activity.

because, when an Internet user visits your site, he expects the site to display quickly and give him the information he is looking for.

For example,  when Amazon’s AWS hosting service experienced technical issues for several hours, this impacted all businesses whose website was hosted on the service.


Server security

The security of a website is above all determined by the strong administrator password you choose, but also your behavior in terms of securing your data.

However, studies have shown that the numerous attacks on websites remain relatively vulnerable due to the multiple attacks made on web applications, and data leaks.

This is why you must first find out about the security measures taken by your hostings such as firewalls, monitoring system, update frequency, or automatic backups.


How to select suitable hosting for your project?

When you start your web project and you are a novice, you often go for the solution that offers the most functions for the lowest possible price.

However, the technical characteristics and descriptions of commercial offers of web hosts are sometimes confusing and complex to interpret by people who are not from the field.

However, choosing the best web hosting, it must be done with care and taking into account the specific needs of your project because it is one of the prerequisites for the success of the project.

This is why this preliminary needs audit is necessary because it will allow you to really focus on the most important aspects of your project and not directly take offers proposing specificities that are not technically adapted (unlimited storage, high bandwidth …) and financially in your case.


Here are our web hosting tips based on your type of project:

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the provision of a location on a server where other websites are already present.

It is a solution that is particularly suitable if you have a showcase site or you are new to e-commerce with low traffic (less than 1000 visits per day).


+ The dedicated server is particularly efficient because it makes it possible to fully and optimally exploit the configuration of the server and its resources such as the CPU and the RAM


– This solution is a little more expensive than the shared server

– You must have the technical knowledge to effectively master the configuration and maintenance of the server

– You must plan an additional budget for the overhaul of your server (spare parts such as hard drives, electronic cards, cables, etc.)


virtual dedicated server

The virtual dedicated server works as the physical dedicated server except that it is itself hosted in a cloud server with dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, disk, etc.) and which are allocated to several physical servers.

This solution is particularly suitable if you want to host a high-traffic site with significant performance needs with peaks of activity during seasonal e-commerce periods, for example (Christmas, Sales, etc.)

In addition, this solution is relatively flexible and adaptable because you can modify the resources according to your specific needs such as an influx of visitors during marketing campaigns.

The virtual dedicated server generally costs between 50$ and several hundred dollars per month.


+ This solution offers the same performance as a physical dedicated server


– You must have the technical knowledge to effectively master the configuration and maintenance of the server


We hope that this article has allowed you to see more clearly your web hosting needs. If you still have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you.



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