You have not renewed your domain name within the allotted time, You say to yourself “all this work done and I lost my website”, rest assured in this article we explain how to recover your expired domain name.

But first let’s start at the beginning to know what are the different steps to make sure you reserve the right domain name for your website.

The registration of a domain name not just choosing a random words and checking availability and purchasing. its more then that, believe me, You must ensure that the desired domain name is available in the targeted extension (for example .com, .net or .ma). It is also advisable to lock the chosen domain name by reserving it in several key extensions (.com, .ma, .info, .org) and also to register it as trademarks.


Domain names are not purchased from registrars but reserved for a given period (one year or more). At the end of this period, the owner must renew it. Fortunately, he is the only one who can perform this operation. Thus, it is theoretically possible to keep a domain name until the end of time.

A domain name goes through several phases during its existence. The renewal can be carried out during different periods.


The life cycle of a domain name

The periods described below concerns the domain names registered with a .com extension. The majority of expansions follow this same cycle. However, the durations of the different phases may changes.

  • Domain name available
  • Reserved domain name

The domain name is reserved, once in general opening, according to the rule of “first come, first to get”. The purchaser holds the domain name for a period that can extend from 1 to 10 years. The domain name may be renewed for an additional period during this phase. The time from which the renewal is available depends on each host, usually, this option is available from 30 days before the expiration. The cost is usually the same as when you originally booked.

  • Grace Period
    If the domain name is not renewed by the owner, it goes into a grace period. This 5-day phase allows the holder, to renew the domain name. The cost is higher than if the operation had been performed in the previous phase. From the grace period, the website and all services associated with the domain name – including email addresses – are no longer available.
  • Redemption Period
    The domain name then goes into a expiration period. The holder can then request the restoration of the domain name for a period of 30 days. The cost is often high because the Registries apply a surcharge.
  • Pending Delete
    If no renewal has been made, the domain name goes into a pending delete period. It lasts 3 days. No action is possible.
  • Domain name available
    After the pending delete phase, the domain name is available again. The “first come, first to get” rule applies again.


Registrar Recovery Services

Registrars often offer a domain name recovery service. For most of the main extensions, it is generally possible to retrieve them online directly from your domain name management space. This is the case of .eu .com .net .org .biz .info .name at Namecheap for example.

Domain names

Renew a domain name

Renewing a domain name is very easy to do. The holder must simply follow a link inviting him to renew his “expiring domain”, in the dashboard of his domain names. The vast majority of registration services today send emails to their customers telling them that the domain is about to expire. usually 30 days before expiration. Please note that some companies send these alerts from the grace period when the cost of renewal increases.

To make sure you don’t miss the deadline, it’s highly recommended to enable auto-renewal. This functionality is offered by almost all domain name reservation services. When setting up this function, it may be wise to check the validity of your payment method.

Reserve expired domain names

Reserving a freshly expired domain name can be very interesting. First of all, it allows you to obtain a coveted name but also and above all to benefit from its notoriety, its residual traffic – which can be significant – or its links – useful for SEO.

To find out the expiration date of a domain name, simply query the WhoIs or extension databases. These directories indicate the creation date and the expiry date of domain names.

The search for expiring domain names can be done simply on specialized sites. The latter not only provide databases indicating domains and expiration dates but also additional information such as seniority, links, traffic, etc. The reservation of a domain name meeting the rule of “first come, first to get”, it is possible to optimize your chances of booking by using sites that automate the operation.


If the ideal is obviously to renew your domain before it expires, to recover an expired domain, you must first contact your registrar. If the domain is in a grace period, this should be done quickly with a reasonable overhead. If the domain is in redemption period the additional cost can be significant. There will follow a 3-day period of “Pending delete” during which no action is possible. The domain name will then be put back on the market and the first come first to get rule applies again!

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