Are you looking for a website where content is king? Reddit. The site calls itself the “front page of the internet” and the author of this article agrees. Here are the main reasons: impeccable and relevant content, the possibility of maintaining anonymity, and finally ALL the subjects are treated by enthusiasts of the said subject.

The above features make Reddit what it is today. Imagine being on a website where you can talk about anything and everything, give your opinion, and receive feedback on a product or service, all while remaining anonymous. Sounds cool, right?

In short, Reddit is the glorification of content where the user and their identity remain insignificant. So, you see, when the focus is only on content, it attracts enthusiasts, specialists… Let’s imagine that you sell soap: there is a subreddit for that! Did I lose you on the “subreddit”? I start again.


Reddit Mini Glossary
These are like specific forums based on a particular topic. Starting with a lowercase “r” followed by a slash, there are thousands of subreddits that cover every topic. From r/news to r/jokes, you can find anything and everything through these subfolders. All you have to do is search for a topic that interests you and subscribe to it by clicking the green button.
Let’s take a look in the r/Soap category.


Le post ci-dessus a un crédit de 13 votes. C’est par le vote que le contenu est roi sur Reddit. C’est la base même de la fonctionnalité du site. Reddit, c’est une histoire de votes à la hausse et à la baisse. Bien qu’un vote « à la hausse » soit un moyen de montrer votre appréciation pour un message, vous pouvez également voter « à la baisse » pour un message, si vous n’aimez pas son contenu. Utilisez simplement la flèche « haut » et la flèche « bas ». Le post ci-dessus peut scorer 12 ou 14 selon mon vote. Le post ayant le plus grand nombre de voix ascendantes occupe une place prépondérante dans le flux d’informations. Les sujets sont disposés dans l’ordre des « upvotes » qu’ils obtiennent. Il en va de même pour les commentaires.


We all know what etiquette is. These are the guidelines that Reddit imposes on its users. For example, Reddit does not allow self-promotion and submitting too many links. If you do, you might be considered a spammer. Additionally, Reddit encourages posting content to the most relevant subreddit. In other words, use in a dignified, intelligent, and consistent manner. Watch out for your karma!

Karma isn’t just in real life, it’s also on Reddit. If you are an active user following the Reddiquette, you will be rewarded with good karma. It’s a great way to make your Reddit account stand out.


Use Reddit to promote yourself
You have understood that, to promote your brand / service / product on this site, you will have to act with tact. Redittors will be ruthless if you don’t go about it the right way.

Be a Redittor with a website, especially not a website with a Reddit account.

Mwé, not very engaging, is it? Don’t turn away so quickly: In 2018, Reddit was the third most visited website after YouTube and Google.

Reddit users love humorous content! If you like to create memes, you can have fun on the r/memes subreddit.

1. Use Reddit as a research tool to find the latest trends.
This strategy can work for all marketers – whether you’re a redditor or not, and even if you only have a limited amount of time to spare. The advantage is that you do not need to become a user. Anyone can use Reddit for research. It only takes a few minutes, and there’s a lot to gain.
The premise is simple: you can use Reddit as a search engine to see what people are talking about and what’s trending right now. Find the subreddit(s) relevant to your field, and see what people are talking about.


2. Use Reddit to get catchy headline ideas
One of the reasons content does well on Reddit — other than the quality of the content itself — is the way the title is phrased. Editors use this space to entice Redittors to click. Marketers can learn a lot!
You can observe everything at the top of the subreddits you have selected and analyze how the titles of these popular posts are written in order to take it up as your own. Again, no need for a Reddit account.

3. Connect with people who want to engage with your brand
While Reddit doesn’t want marketers to be among its Redittors, sometimes topics shift to products…maybe even your product. As in other social media, you have to be present with your customers and your audience. You can do this using a manual search, keeping an eye out for any brand mentions that come up. You can also check out some tools that incorporate this functionality.
When choosing to respond, make sure you fully understand the context of the conversation you’re engaging in, then don’t hesitate to jump in and be helpful. Pay attention to the angle chosen, be authentic!

4. Use advertising to place your content
Reddit advertising is still in its infancy compared to other social sites, so there are still ways to get good returns.
Reddit advertising works on a cost-per-click basis. You can optimize your campaigns for reach, video views, traffic, and conversions. Videos are one of the most engaging types of content on Reddit.
For targeting, you can choose to show your ad to all of Reddit or you can focus on certain subreddits.

Reddit is a real gold mine largely under-exploited by brands in their marketing strategy. The reason seems clear: the users of this site are very reluctant to the presence of companies. However, we have seen that it is not even necessary to be a member to benefit from it. And if you wish, you can still meet users mentioning your brand: if your approach is sincere, you will be very well received.
If you need a content manager to get started on social networks, post an ad on to find your service provider.

My name is Med, 30 years old guy from Morocco with 12 years of experience in Domaining, Affiliate Marketing, and Web Hosting.

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