Choosing the right domain name is a crucial step to succeed in your marketing project and ensuring that the launch of your website is a real success.

It is always necessary to choose the domain name by thinking more of the user than of natural referencing. However, there are also various technical points to consider in order to ensure that the domain name is favorable to you. Its length, the words that compose it, or its thematic relevance will allow Internet users to find you or recognize you easily. Focus on the impact of the domain name on marketing and discover our advice for choosing the right one for you.


Domain name: is it important in marketing?

It’s been a few years since the Google algorithm no longer gives importance to the domain name in its ranking. Thus, “over-optimized” domain names composed entirely of keywords mean little without optimized content.

However, this does not mean that you have to choose your domain name at random. Optimizing the domain name means marketing successfully with the users in mind. With a clear and easy-to-remember domain name, you will attract visitors and allow them to recognize you.

A targeted domain name will allow you to inform prospects about the content of your site and therefore attract more potential buyers, reduce bounces and increase the time that visitors will spend on your site. In the end, a well-chosen domain name will therefore inevitably impact SEO. Having a quality domain name will also inspire trust and help convey a good brand image.


What is the ideal domain name?

To have an optimal domain name, it must be simple, clear, easy to remember, and type. An easy trick is to simply ask yourself if users will have to think twice before writing it. Complicated words and puns should be avoided.

In addition, the domain name makes it possible to broadcast a brand image. With domain names composed exclusively of keywords, you will certainly scare away Internet users. Bet on a refined domain name that inspires confidence.

Also, an effective domain name should clearly indicate the main purpose of your website. Generally, it will include the name of a brand or specific extensions related to the sector of activity such as “.shop” for e-commerce, for example.

Associate the domain name with your brand

By associating your brand with your domain name, the Internet user will immediately make the connection and know exactly what awaits him on the site. It will also directly associate your site with your physical stores, which also plays an essential role in terms of marketing. Along the same lines, an easy-to-remember URL will certainly reinforce your brand identity. If your brand is present in several sectors, it is important to specify the one concerned by the site in question in your domain.

The optimal length of the domain name

Always with the aim of creating a clear and easy-to-remember domain name, it is advisable to choose a short one, of around 15-20 characters. Of course, it’s easy to go beyond that, the maximum length is 60 characters, but the shorter your domain, the better.

Also, be sure to choose one without too many dashes. Indeed, the dashes can make it more complicated and therefore more difficult to remember. Moreover, on the marketing level, the hyphens are likely to displease Internet users who are now accustomed to domains without a hyphen. Also, hyphens make the domain less obvious in writing, especially if the user heard the name of your site somewhere or if they didn’t pay too much attention to the details the first time they visited your site.


The extension

Note that search engines will take into account the consistency between the extension, the language of the site, and the user’s query in its ranking. Also, a site in French with a “.de” or “.ru” extension will be paradoxical and may find itself penalized in the ranking.

Extensions also play an important role in the design of your site’s URL. First, there are the generic and national extensions (.com, .net, .fr, .de, .be, etc.). They are often reminiscent of a major site, a brand present in several countries or regions. They are thus to be preferred if you want to give a better image of your site.

Extensions called nTLDs (for new domains) are now gaining momentum. These are, for example, .blog, .paris, .shop… Even if these extensions are found more and more, they are not as advantageous as generic extensions.


How to get a domain name?

To reserve your domain name, you usually have to follow a few very simple steps. You must first choose the domain by following the advice given previously. Once you have made your choice, you can search on a domain searcher to check availability. If available, you can then purchase it. There are also domain generators if you want some ideas about available domains.

Once the order has been placed, you can configure your Content Delivery Network (CDN) and the network according to your needs.

Most of the time, you have the option of buying a hosting solution with your domain name to be able to launch your website quickly. Note that the purchase and payment of the domain is usually done periodically, once a year.




We have seen that the domain name does not play a direct role in terms of SEO, but it should not be neglected. Indeed, it constitutes an important marketing lever, because it allows having a better indexing and is especially easy to remember for the users. A domain name that is easy to remember, recognizable and allows you to see the content of the website will encourage visits, reduce the bounce rate and inspire confidence in prospects.

To establish your brand image, bet on a short, precise, and easy-to-write domain!

My name is Med, 30 years old guy from Morocco with 12 years of experience in Domaining, Affiliate Marketing, and Web Hosting.

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